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So we are almost at the end of 2020 and are very familiar with how this year was. We learned a lot and witnessed many new things emerge during the Global Pandemic. Many people simply wasted the lockdown time, while some of them put-in a lot of efforts to reap the benefit of this time.

There are a very less number of people who overcome their fears and attain their goals in spite of having tremendous problems in the backend. These people do not let anything stop them from achieving things they dream for. With proper dedication and sheer will, we can do wonders. This is proved by our Guest Blogger; Sheetal Bhadauriya.

This guest blog post is Solely focused on Sheetal Bhadauriya, and how she utilized the time writing and publishing her first book. There are many questions like, how a book is published, how is a book written, how to become an author, what are the steps to publish a book, etc. and we have interviewed Sheetal and she has shared her story on how it was possible.

Let’s hear out from Sheetal herself:

About Sheetal Bhadauriya

Sheetal Bhadauriya is an Indian Author of the Book ” Feral Thoughts: Poetry for the Untamed Soul ” launched worldwide in 2020. She has completed her graduation from Kamala Nehru College and post-graduation from Symbiosis, she kicked off her career pretty well from a well-known MNC and good pay before she hit the rock bottom in 2018 when she was Diagnosed with epilepsy and lost quite lot of memories. She started writing back in 2019 to vent out when she was bed-ridden, bruises all over her body, her family, very few friends by her side as in India, Epilepsy is still something only an exorcist can cure. She is fighting her epilepsy till date. She is connected to many support groups worldwide like Epilepsy sparks (Her story here), Accept Epilepsy and GOHE. She gives mental health education through her foundation with the same name as well as teach kids who wants to learn more about the world. Clearing such taboos is what
she aims for. Her book, “Feral Thoughts: Poetry for the Untamed Soul” inspired from experiences she has gone through as well as of the people around her. A deep thinker, poet and music lover by nature, Sheetal Bhadauriya works as a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst at MistEO, Kerala. Other than her full-time job, she follows causes for animal welfare, child-education and empowering women.


  • Age- 26 yrs.
  • The city you grew up in- New Delhi.
  • Education– Coming from the versatile academic background, I finished my schooling from the Commerce background, Lady Irwin School (2012-2013)
  • Graduated from the Humanities Background (B.A Geography Hons.), Kamala Nehru College, Delhi University (2013-2016)
  • Post Graduated from Science Background ( M.Sc. in Geoinformatics), Symbiosis Institute of Geoinformatics (2016-2018)
  • Profession– GIS Analyst, MistEO, Kerala

Your family details, who all are there, what they do?

So, coming from a very humble family, My Mother, Snehlata Bhadauriya is self-made Entrepreneur (Shree Balaji Enterprises) from 2-3 yrs. now. My Father, Avdhesh Singh Bhadauriya is a Senior Legal Manager in Tata Power Ltd. My Elder Sister is doctorate holder in Polymer Engineering, currently working in Lam Research Corporation in Portland.

What was the trigger behind writing the book? How did the idea occur?

To be honest, I wrote the poems not with the intention of anyone reading it. I was kind- of bed-ridden for one year because of Epilepsy and I read a lot of self-help books. I started writing verses, sometimes mini-raps as a leisure activity but when I started my own blog online and got positive comments, then after a year I simply went ahead with it for the publishing. I just want to send out one simple message, that you are not alone. We all have feral minds and it’s ok. We all need someone to talk to and I think this book can communicate to the readers in a way I find the best.  

What is your book all about? Mention book titles?

The book is a collection of verses, poetries which any reader can easily resonate with. One should not cage their thoughts into their minds. Our thoughts are like wild horses. Let it out, let them be free and breathe. The mood of the poems has been brewed between the bitter to extreme joyous moments of life which should be celebrated often. There will come a day when you’ll feel unbothered like I do.

Who are your leading literary mentors?

Maya Angelou, Chimamanda Adichie and my Alma Mater: Kamala Nehru College shaped the way I look towards the society. On one side, These legendary mentors like Maya Angelou And Adichie taught me about civil rights and what we should as a citizens of any nation and how an author should wire her brain to interact with the readers out there. On the other side, the faculty members of the KNC,DU molded me in a way, I believe no institution could have done. It gave me a voice. The institution always gave me the freedom to use my power of speech and use the creative mind in a best way possible.

What is the reaction in your family, community about your book?

My family, friends, no one knew I was writing something. All they knew that I’m recovering and trying to overcome from the hurdles and ghosts from the pasts. But one day I simply discussed that here’s what I’m going to do and they boy, they were happy. Not surprised though. I am the black sheep of the family but in a good way. Black is happy colour (Coco Chanel designed LBDs out of it, for god’s sake) They were not surprised, cause of the given academic unplanned jumps and who knows what I’ll do next. I quote “The best plans are always unplanned” and my parents know it.

How is your book impacting readers?

So far, so good. I’m getting good reviews. Few of them who are international readers had some difficulty understanding some of the poems, but I am not disheartened, there’s culture difference and I wrote the poem from my own perspective. Most of the readers are emailing me, telling me that how much they can relate to the poems and when they started out it’s like a mind reader, Page turner and a friend they could go back to. I feel good to be honest.

Did you receive any award for your achievement?

No Awards yet. But I’ve been interviewed for a global magazine “DE MODE” which is going to get featured in an upcoming issue in January,2021. I have also been invited to appear in live sessions about my book with the “Story Club” on Facebook and upcoming interview session on Instagram with page “NAZMEHAYAT”,

Recently, I’ve also been nominated by Ne8x Literature Festival. I’ve also been featured in a blog known as “ARTISTADDRESS”, and now on, “THE WEEKEND EXPRESS“! So far, it has been a great experience, stay tuned for more.

Who are the people who helped you in your journey?

My family has been a constant support because I was going through the chronic phase (I’m still on medications) of Epilepsy but they never gave up on me. Second, my friends who never changed their behavior towards me even after I forgot them, behaved weirdly and during all those black outs, they were there like my pillar of strength. I cannot ask for more.

Who are your role models?

Whoever knows me, knows who are my role models. Starting from Mother, who taught me to stay humble, grateful and never feel sorry for self, my father inculcated all the goodness of the world in me then Beyoncé gave me my alter-ego (more like chemical X in Powerpuff girls), Maya Angelou gave me wings to write and obviously Chimamanda Adichie lectures showed me the path to walk upon.

Who published the book and mention their role?

Notion Press published the book and since it was a self-published book, they guided me throughout the process from pre-editing to marketing process.  A-Z, my all queries were handled by them on time. It was more of a guided program.

Any interesting incident/anecdote during your journey as an author?

Now that I’ve hit rock bottom, I don’t think any day less of a celebration and I’m not just saying this. I actually feel this. There’s a difference between self-love and self-indulgence and what we see online, is most of the time is self-indulgence. People aren’t making their own identities. As an author, I realized, it my responsibility to keep inspiring people to create their identities and keep brewing their own talents. Never fall into the cracks.

What do you like to say to aspiring writers?

Never be in hurry to be a successful and a published author. Take time, edit properly cause the editors don’t know what exactly the writers have to say to the readers, so make sure you are conveying the right message out there. Use no shortcuts.

Mention your writing endeavors?

I came up as a Co-author in few anthologies,

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