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Things To Do At Home During Quarantine – 9 Things To Do At Home

So, you’re into Quarantine and are out of ideas and things to survive the Pandemic going around in the world. We’ve got you best things to do at home during quarantine and lockdown.

First things first, it is very important to stay inside your house during this time when everything and everyone is vulnerable. YES! By everyone, I MEAN everyone.

Hmmm.. So what do I do sitting home? This question would be in your head all the time, except, the time you are UTILIZING sleeping. Guys, here I’ve got some unique things that you can do during the lockdown.

Let’s get going and check out, “9 Unique Things To Do At Home During Quarantine“!

9 Unique Things To Do At Home During Quarantine

Learn Something you’ve always wanted, but never got time.

I’ve heard a lot of friends say that, they always wanted to learn something on the internet, however, didn’t get a chance due to their office work or their college assignments and many such unavoidable reasons.

So, what’s your reason now? Certainly, many things have changed and due to the Pandemic and the Government regulations, people are been given, “Work From Home” (A Dream for many of them).

Now that you have the time of your life, go for what you’ve always wanted to learn. Maybe any online courses, technical programs. Or something like painting or sketching. This would certainly add value to your life, add up some new pointers in your Curriculum Vitae or some hanging wall paintings to your house.


As rightly said by Paul Prudhomme: “You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food.”

Put on your Aprons and get dirty while learning new recipes that always tempted you. Why always go out to your favorite restaurants and spend on that small chocolate cake when you can try the same recipe and bake an entire cake for yourself. Name any recipe and you’ll get it on the internet cooked by hundreds of different chefs, with thousand of different variations.

But, I don’t have the ingredients to start with the recipe I want to.. Start with whatever you have, with the craziest innovations you can experiment with. I completely understand that many shopping centers have scarcity of eatables and materials used for cooking. So, you can innovate your own new dish with whatever materials you have and name it with what pops up in your head. Post a picture or a video of the dish on the internet and ask your friends to try this out.



Put on your sports shoes and your fitness garments and enjoy some energetic music while sweating your body out exercising. Try out some new fat burning exercises that would give you that toned, summer body you always wanted to have. One benefit of this Pandemic is that you would also avoid junk food while added those extra calories to your love handles.

Try meditating and yoga, by which you would get that peace of mind which you always ran behind of. Also keep in mind that it is very important to keep your immunity strong during this Pandemic. Try out some post workout drinks/juices made up of herbs and fruits. Take that natural Vitamin-D from the sun early morning.

I would also write up about some exercise routines in my future articles.


VLOG is a shortened version of a video log or a video blog. I guarantee that many of you have those passionate Vloggers in them, who always wanted to be those internet sensations and motivate and inspire people around.

To start of Vlogging, you can just make a small video of how your day was and what all you did in the entire day during the lockdown. Bonus! You need no additional equipment for shooting a video of your own. Just switch on your front camera and blabber your heart out.

Many of us are shy at the initial phases. But then always keep this is mind that the Start is What Stops Most People.

Learn a new language.

By language, I mean both, the computer language and the foreign language. On internet, you can get thousands of tutorials for coding languages like Python, C#, etc.

Foreign languages like French, German, Japanese, etc. also have a lot of online tutorials. This would definitely get some serious value to your Curriculum Vitae. Also flaunt some new foreign words and sentences you’ve learnt in front of your gang.

Book reading challenge.

I personally see a lot of different challenges coming out these days on social media. I nominate you for this challenge, I nominate you for that challenge. Unproductive and lots of spams on your timeline.

Start with a new challenge for reading books of your favorite authors and your favorite genres. Don’t forget to nominate each friend to keep them busy and also from spamming your feed and timeline from unnecessary posts.

Read what you love and what attracts you. It can be Romance, Sci-fi, Fiction, Horror, Drama and the list goes on.

Finish up your stocked movies.

“A movie a day, keeps boredom away”

So, you are now bored of eating a lot of food, playing a lot of PUBG and COD and you’re clueless what to do next as you’re not even sleepy. Dust off that external hard disk and plug it in to your laptops of your CPUs. Watch all your pilled-up movies and stocked up web-series which are on your mind since a decade.

Finish off those episodes which your friends are tired of asking you to watch. Make a schedule for watching movies as we are unsure when would the lockdown be removed. Add up some fun by munching onto some snacks which are cooked by you.

Video Call your friends.

Many new applications are been introduced nowadays for a group video call where you can play games while on a video call. Sounds fun right? Go make your evening tea/coffee and head onto your gallery/balcony or terrace to witness that amazing sunset and have that time that is missing due to the Pandemic and the lockdown.

Discuss your day with your friends and exchange some wonderful ideas that they have used to finish their day while in the lockdown.

Gadget free time.

Wonderfully written by Sanober Khan: “Tea is just an excuse. I am drinking this sunset, this evening and you.”

Every individual reading this, would need that special time when they are alone. We always need some Solitude and that’s when you are yourself. Live that moment and by live, I mean experience each and everything going around you. Birds chirping, the sound of wind, etc. Close your eyes and feel the emotion.

This Pandemic has given us a chance to try out new things, think differently and to slow down from the pace of the world which was around a couple of months back.

Things To Do At Home During Quarantine : Conclusion

Thank you for reading guys. I would honestly need your reviews and your feedbacks on the topics covered and I’d be happy to hear out from you and your personal experiences. Do comment and share your stories and ideas for others to survive this Lockdown. Share your lockdown stories, pictures and your thoughts with me and I’ll be more than happy. At the end, I would like to ask each and everyone to do. Stay home. Stay Safe. Help Others.

Do share if you have any such things to do at home during quarantine that our readers would find helpful 🙂

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