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DentalDost – This Pune-Based Startup Is India’s First 24×7 Dental Helpline

DentalDost, a Pune-Based dental tech startup launched India’s first 24×7 dental helpline and a first-of-its-kind app for self-assessment of oral health.

For an average Indian citizen, oral hygiene is limited to brushing teeth twice a day, 

In today’s blog, we have a startup with an amazing idea and a great initiative for helping people with oral health.

Let us hear it from them.

The Eureka Moment

We have apps for everything from shopping to reminding us to drink water. When we make space for all of these on our phones, shouldn’t we also invest that much into our oral health?

According to Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali and Mr. Rajat Kabade, the founders of DentalDost, oral health plays a very important role in your overall health.

Their claims are backed by multiple studies that have shown that good oral health can even reduce the severity of Covid symptoms. DentalDost visualized a world where oral healthcare is fast, accessible and affordable.

That is why the Pune-based dental tech startup launched India’s first 24×7 dental helpline and a first-of-its-kind app for self-assessment of oral health.

DentalDost Assistant

The Background Story

DentalDost realized that in India, there is a huge discrepancy in the number of dentists and patients getting dental treatments. Even though our country has the worst oral health score in the world.

They also realized that accessibility to dentists and general awareness about oral issues forms the crux of the issue, and sought to combat this by launching their free helpline, which is manned 24×7 by qualified dental surgeons.

To go with the free helpline, they created a smart AI- and ML-powered app. This app helps patients scan and assess their teeth in real time, and get an instant oral hygiene score.

Throughout the pandemic, they have been advocating staying indoors and using their free services instead of risking infection outdoors.

Patients can access information, daily reminders and treatment plans for better oral health, right from the comfort of their homes. This lets them avoid unnecessary trips outside in the middle of the pandemic.

The free helpline receives an average of 55 calls a day, while the app already has more than 1000 organic users.

With a transparent diagnostic process as well as the option to book an appointment with a pre-approved DentalDost partner closest to the patient, the free DentalDost app – launched in January of this year – aims to be a trustworthy and transparent source of finding the right dental treatment

The DentalDost Team

The DentalDost team also introduced a unique offering for their partner dentists earlier this month.

Like the partner apps for food delivery services and listing platforms in terms of its audiences, DentalDost Partner however stands out by being the first app made by dentists to help other dentists manage and increase their patient inflow.

DentalDost has over 150 partner dentists pan-India. This partner app was created to help them manage the patient leads generated for them.

With smart appointment booking and invoicing, the invite-only app claims to be the easiest way of managing patients and calendars.

It also connects dentist experts across the country, and contains curated content and news from the dental industry.

DentalDost Helpline Number

Vision & Mission

By making oral healthcare accessible through tele-dentistry and smart technology, DentalDost is taking their mission of oral care for everyone, anytime all across India, all the while trying to minimize risks of getting exposed to the virus.

This useful information was provided by Saurabh Misal, the Marketing Manager of DentalDost.

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