COVID-19: Things To Take Care While Isolating With A Covid-19 Patient

As the number of Covid-19 patients reach the five million mark in India, it is safe to say the rampant outbreak of the disease is not under control in our country. Considered that the testings have also increased in number.

However, not all the patients — that are tested positive — require hospital treatment. Asymptomatic patients and patients with mild symptoms are being suggested to isolate at home under the circumstance that the patient remains in touch constantly with the doctor.

After living with a Covid-19 affected patient and facing numerous obstacles during that period, here are the things I personally suggest you — as a caretaker —  must do while self-isolating with the patient and taking care of them.

Isolate The Patient

Isolate the patient in a separate room, and, if possible, give them their own bathroom. The patient should have their own dishes, cups and towels. These items should be washed properly after every use.

Wear gloves while handling everything related to the patient. Wash your hands immediately after removing your gloves. Use hot water and regular detergent powder to wash the patient’s clothes. Dip the patient’s utensils into hot water after washing it with a soap properly.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Hygiene is very important for your health and the patient’s health at this point of time. Clean your hands regularly. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer to clean your hands from time to time. Using a regular soap to wash your hands is the best option. Don’t forget to scrub your hands with the soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.

If the patient is not able to take care of himself and you have to take care of them. For instance, if you have to clean the patient’s urine and poop, wear disposable face masks and gloves. After leaving the patient’s room, throw away the gloves, then immediately wash your hands. Then remove your face mask and wash your hands again.


Wear Mask Everytime

Wear a mask at all times. Taking care of your health is just as important. Tell the patient to wear the mask when you’re in the same room. The patient should wear the mask at all times unless the patient is having trouble breathing.

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Clean Your House

Remember to clean all high-touch surfaces, wipe down the doorknobs, the light switches, the faucets, the handles, the counters with disinfectant, household cleaning spray or wipe regularly.

Check The Patient’s Health Regularly

Home quarantine is usually suggested to the asymptomatic patients or the patients with mild symptoms. Monitor the patient’s health. Check SP02 regularly using the Oximeter. Be in contact with a doctor all the time. If the patient develops serious symptoms as time passes, seek immediate medical attention.

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Take Proper Care

Take proper care of the patient by feeding them on time and as per the doctor’s suggestions. Make sure they get plenty of rest and have their medicines on time. Having a lot of fluids is good for their health during such time.

The patient can stop self-isolating as per the doctor’s suggestion.  Or they can take the covid-19 test again to check whether they test negative.

*Note: These are some of the personal experiences shared by the writer. For detailed government guidelines, visit the government sites or consult your doctor

Bonus Tip

All the above measures are very well known and people are well aware of almost everything, however, there are little things which can go wrong and we need to take care of everything.

Keep talking to the patient and ensuring them that everything will be alright. This disease is as mental, as it is physical. We need to think positive in this situation and increase the confidence and self esteem of the other person.

Keep eating fruits, keep your immune system strong and yourself mentally fit. (Also check out blog on Superfoods to Boost Immunity)

This Blog was written by Anis Vyankatpur. If you have any queries or any questions regarding the topics covered above, kindly comment and let us know.

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