About Us

The Weekend Express!

“Live life to the fullest with a positive approach and see wonders happen!”

My name is Akshay Gund. I was born and brought up in the beautiful City of Maharashtra that has still preserved the prestige of Maratha-Pune.

Remembering about my childhood, I have great memories to cherish. I was that outgoing child who loved to be in nature, had a great interest in animals and loved being around people, which contributes as a major aspect in molding me to the person I am today. I strongly believe in living in the moment and cherishing it to the fullest.

I have always had the urge to try something new. Back in my college days, I have tried modelling, photography, cinematography, acting, corporate events, property events, working in an event company, bar events, been a personal trainer in gym, guided people with proper diets, tried YouTube and was also working for a Multinational Company.

The drive to stand out of the crowd and to be unique has kept me going which indeed never stops me from trying something new!

The Journey begins…

I strongly remember my elder brother once said to me, “You’re not meant for a desk job”. I believe this was something that was known to me as honestly, I never saw myself doing a 9-5 job for my entire life.

I started The Weekend Express at the most crucial times that the entire world was dealing with which was the, “The Global Pandemic”. It was not more than 2-3 months that I started with the blog, I resigned from my company as I was irritated and confused about my future.

Whomsoever I had a conversation with, was without an idea about what to do during the lockdown and how to spend the entire day siting home. So, that is how the eureka moment came and I thought about sharing some of my ideas with people, having said that I didn’t know much about how could I share this with them but today I can say it was worth the shot. As they say, you can’t know if you don’t try.

Usually people are so satisfied in their own comfort zone and don’t try  because there is a possibility of things not working out but fail to realize that, there is also a possibility of you never finding out if you never try.

While starting off with The Weekend Express, I was sceptical as well but along the way, I learnt a lot, took a lot of denials, rejections but kept going with a positive outlook.

The Weekend Express is all about health, fitness, productivity, lifestyle. The main aim is to motivate people to see themselves from a great perspective and how they can achieve things they want and how to live life to the fullest. People would expect a lot of facts about their health, how they can maintain themselves, how they can keep themselves fit, etc. Readers can also expect some psychological and philosophical facts about being and staying motivated, about being successful, about being productive and ideas to earn money online.

One must always remember, “It is health that is the real wealth”.

Last but not the least, life is too short to complain about things if they don’t go according to how you want them to. Always stay positive no matter how hard the situation is.  

The show must go on!

You just need to trust, that what you want is coming and watch how fast it comes.

So welcome aboard and be a part of my journey!

Feel free to share your comments/feedback as they are valuable and would keep me going!

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