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9 Golden Rules to Stay Motivated, Positive & Productive 2020 – 2022

“It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.”



What are Dreams?

The ones you experience when you’re asleep? No!

Dreams are those, who don’t let you sleep.

There comes a time when you feel like giving up, feeling irritated, frustrated, the time when anxiety kicks in and everything you go through feels disappointing and whatever you do feels wrong.

However, whenever you feel this, just remember one thing, “Why You Started?” and ask yourself, “Was this what I Dreamt for?”

Guys! It is very easy to get demotivated, upset, dull, seeing yourself in a state where you feel that everything is finished during this Pandemic Situation. However, keep telling this wonderful quote to yourself,

“A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for.”

John A. Shedd

Here, I’ve got you some Motivation for the Weekend and below are, “9 Golden Rules to Stay Motivated, Positive & Productive During the Lockdown.

#9 Stop Procrastinating

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

Karen Lamb

Procrastination! Is a silent dream killer. This is one bad habit you should put off right now.

Do not waste time and make excuses defending why you haven’t started yet. Only you know the reasons that you give yourself for avoiding any tasks. Sometimes, you have everything, its just that small start that’s missing.

Identify any kind of distractions that are causing you to Procrastinate and eliminate or get rid of it.

Remember, the start is always important.

#8 Be Consistent

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.”

Anthony Robbins

If you want to “Stand Out of the Crowd”, nothing beats Consistency. The river cuts through the rocks, not because of its power, but because of its Consistency.

Set yourself small targets which would lead you to your Ultimate Goals. Plan your time accordingly and maintain a small diary. Seems professional and is the best way to check on your tasks and targets.

Notice yourself growing through the process and also give yourself small rewards once you finish small tasks.

Make sure to set your targets a day prior so that you never run out of ideas and stay consistently on the path of your goals.

#7 Do Not Think about the Society

Source: Pixabay

This is the mistake many of us do. We think a lot.

We think about the society, we think about how people would react and how people would judge us, based on what we are doing or what we are planning to do.

I’ve seen a lot of people getting conscious about the environment and ASSUMING, that people would judge them and call you crazy.

You don’t have to care about what they think. You just have to care about yourself and think about accomplishing your goals.

Remember one thing, “Today They Call You Crazy. Tomorrow They Will Call You Boss.”

Basically, they wouldn’t be there when you are going through tough times, so why think when you are about to do something amazing.

#6 Stop Giving Excuses

There are people out there without body parts who are doing wonders and leaving the whole world amazed.

“What’s your Excuse?”

Stop pampering yourself. Stop comforting yourself with a lie where you know what the truth is.

It is YOU who would be working for you and nobody else is doing that work for you.

Giving reasons is the first quality of unsuccessful people. Don’t be one.

Remember, instead of giving yourself reasons WHY YOU CAN’T, give yourself reasons WHY YOU CAN.

#5 Stay Positive

It is necessary to understand that failure is important to learn and grow. There comes a day when, whatever you do gives you results that were not what you thought or expected. This doesn’t mean that things are not going your way.

“Failure isn’t fatal, but failure to change might be.”


Stop, analyze, think before reacting and then proceed. Sometimes you are very near of your dream, however if you focus on the negatives, you’ll be pulled back and you’ll miss that opportunity and “Opportunity Knocks Only Once.”

It is very important to keep a calm attitude and think upon the situation.

#4 Watch Videos

Another great way of getting Motivated and staying Pumped up.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube to watch that would give you great examples of people who started from scratch and about their journey. Watch TED Talk videos, its one amazing source of power and positive energy.

The best way to learn anything is from experience. Learn from others experiences if you haven’t reached at the level.

The talks are filled with sheer will, inspiration, power and magic within them.

Sit alone somewhere, put your earphones so you do not miss any part of the successful video and get that positive energy to fulfill your dreams as well.

#3 Create a Vision Board

Source: Pixabay

This is very Important in order to stay Motivated and Positive.

Create a vision board and fill it with pictures and quotes related to your dream.

You have to visualize your goals and manifest these things. In order to help you with such things, a vision board is always necessary.

Stick a picture of a car you always wanted to buy, a house you always dreamt of living in, a place you always wished to visit, a paycheck you always wanted to receive, etc.

One suggestion from my end. Print the below quote and stick it on your Vision Board.

“It is on its way”

#2 Never Underestimate Yourself

“I never gave up, even when people told me I’d never make it. Never Underestimate the heart of a Champion.”

Kai Greene

The power lies in your subconscious mind. If you underestimate yourself, this sends negative energy to your subconscious.

Always Believe in yourself. Don’t let others tell you your worth. You decide your own worth.

You can do any random thing in this world. Never ever compare your life with anyone else. People tend to do wonders in early ages. That’s alright! It’s their life.

Never underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others, because, its our differences that make us beautiful and unique.

Always tell yourself that YOU CAN DO IT!

#1 Go Slow


This is very important to keep in mind, “Slow Progress is better than No Progress”.

Its very natural that sometimes, many thoughts rush into you in a single phase where you find yourself lost and confused. The feeling of failure in future eats us from within and this could be a very tough time if you’re alone.

Best thing to do during such situations is to write down everything that comes into your mind and relax. The reason I would suggest you to relax is, that your body can be ready for everything, but your mind isn’t ready at this particular time and it is very important to keep your mind in place.

Listen to some soothing music, talk to yourself, eat ice (strange thing to do, but works for me) or watch a sunset.

Just calm down at that SPECIFIC moment and don’t exert yourself. Everything would work once your mind is relaxed. This way you can be productive.

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I hope this blog post helps each one of you in achieving your goals and keeping you motivated during the lockdown. I would love to hear you out from each one of you reading this blog post in the comment section.

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Stay Happy & Stay Healthy!

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  1. Amazing points put up!!! I think we all need to read this and remind ourselves to stay motivated and keep moving forward!!

  2. Good motivation… Such motivation is much more required in such situation where many of them would be disappointed due to this PANDEMIC..

  3. great quotes and even better use of words ..this blog has truly filled energy within me for a week .. will definitely follow the tips to keep the momentum.. thanks bro this was much-needed..

  4. I really needed this today! Thank you for the motivation. 🙏🏼☺️ Good work, keeping going.

  5. Really golden rules that helps me to stay motivated and positive in this pandemic..tum bohot accha likhte hoo Boss ✌️✌️

  6. Well quoted and great content. Your fight is not with others, it’s with you and that completely made sense. Keep motivating!!

  7. Great work boy… Loved all the point especially point no. #7 DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE SOCIETY. Many of us just don’t start due to this main reason. Thank you for writing, loved reading it.

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